"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler." Albert Einstein 

How Eggvids started

In 2012 Mark Foden, whilst working with Foden Grealy at the Cabinet Office, made G-Cloud in 60 seconds - a video to explain a new way of providing IT services within government. The video was simple: plain text on a plain background but with an unusual fast-paced, idiomatic commentary.  People thought it was catchy and useful.

In a similar vein, the Gubbins of  Government followed in 2013.  It described a future architecture of government services that, until then, had defied simple explanation. It too was well received - as told on Storify - and folk started asking us to make more.

As demand grew, Mark Hainge (Clarity Expressed/Digital Hen) joined Foden Grealy to help with production. And the video business became Eggvids.

We chose Eggvids because we'd like to think our videos are wholesome, rounded, the beginning of something and so on. And not because Mark F used to be called Creme Egg. At all.


We make our videos simple and catchy.

We use simple tools. The format is usually black background with plain white text. We only use colour when it is needed. Animations are made as simply as they can be. We have only used music once. 

We use humour. Usually based on idiomatic narrations combined with images.

We work in an agile way. We develop videos in continual collaboration with clients. Often we start by making full-length rough-and-ready versions of videos so that clients can envisage what is possible and adjust their requirements to suit.

Mark and Mark

Mark Foden and Mark Hainge